11 Best Halloween Costumes for Your Dog on Amazon Right Now

These are the 11 best halloween costumes for dogs on Amazon right now. You don’t need to break the bank to help your furry friend celebrate Halloween with the rest of the family. These canine Halloween costimes are all available for less than $31! Please note that I may collect a small commission from some of these items if you decide to purchase something using these links.

1. This package delivery-man costume - $15.17

A dog wearing a UPS delivery man costume Source: Amazon

Your dog and the mailman have a relationship that’s tenuous at best. Show some solidarity with the UPS delivery person or postal worker with this costume.

Get it on Amazon for $15.17

promising review: “I bought this last year and I’m still laughing! Seriously, the most hilarious thing ever! On a serious note, I think it was actually pretty comfortable for my dog too because he really didn’t fight me trying it on him and he just walked around like there was nothing different. My dog goes nuts if the UPS truck even drives past the house so this was just too perfect.” – B. Coffman

2. These adjustable bat wings are advertised as being for cats, but they’ll also fit a small-to-mid-sized dog and be just as spooky - $7.99

Bat wings for a pet's halloween costume Source: Amazon

This costume gets bonus points for being really easy to take on and off.

Get it on Amazon for $7.99

promising review: “Great purchase! Fits perfect and my lil bat kept it on!” – MrsWic

3. This walking teddy bear costume somehow makes your dog even cuter - $33.99

A dog wearing a teddy bear costume Source: Amazon

First made famous on Shark Tank, this costume will fit dogs 13 - 16 inches tall.

Get it on Amazon for $33.99

promising review: “The quality of this costume by far exceeds the typically pet costume. It’s one piece so you don’t have the issue of the head piece being shaken off easily. Multiple adjustment options to fit the costume better than any other brands we’ve purchased (the one around the face is key!). The costume is adorable to boot! We have an 18 lb westie (short, stocky) and the size 3 fits perfectly.” – DJ99

4. A lion’s mane for the big dog in your life - $13.58

A dog wearing a lion's mane costume Source: Amazon

This lion mane from Tomsenn is designed to fit perfectly for medium to large sized dogs and is easy to take on and off. Your dog will love to be king of the jungle for a day!

Get it on Amazon for $13.58

promising review: “This was the perfect costume for our 160+ lb Bullmastiff! We have tried several different lion manes, and this is by far the best. The ears make it look so real and the color is perfect! The looks on people’s faces?! Priceless!” – Heather1567

5. A Stitch hoodie (from Lilo & Stitch) will keep your pup warm this winter - $16.99

A dog wearing a Lilo and Stitch hoodie Source: Amazon

Available for dogs of all sizes, this hoodie is both cozy and cute. Great for parties and photos.

Get it on Amazon for $16.99

promising review: “Love this costume! I got it for my chihuahua for halloween. it’s nice and warm on the inside and I’m happy with it because she was a light coat so she gets cold easily. We went to San Francisco for vacation during the holidays and it was cold so I put this on her and she was warm and cute!! We had so many compliments while walking around S.F.” – didy

6. A creepy crawly tarantula costume makes your dog the scariest on the block - $30.26

A dog wearing a spider costume Source: Amazon

This one’s actually pretty scary, making your pet look like a gigantic spider scuttling across the floor.

Get it on Amazon for $30.26

promising review: “My Yorkie puppy absolutely loved wearing this costume! It also fit her perfectly. I love that there was a slit in the back for her leash.” – Siobhan

7. Doing a Harry Potter-themed costume? Try twinning with your pet with this wizard costume - $25.99

A dog wearing a Harry Potter wizard costume Source: Amazon

More like Harry Pupper amirite.

Get it on Amazon for $25.99

promising review: “Bought a small medium and large for small medium and large dogs. Simple and adorable.” – npham

8. This pizza slice costume - $14.23

A dog wearing a pizza slice costume Source: Amazon

Simple, silly, and easy to fit on like a cape. Works for both cats and dogs.

Get it on Amazon for $14.23

promising review: “This costume was just adorable on my dog. It was also very easy to get and keep on.” – Cherie J.

9. Dinosaur headgear for the prehistoric pup in your life - $9.99

A dog wearing a dinosar hat

Source: Amazon

Get it on Amazon for $9.99

promising review: “My dog ​​was super cute with this costume! It fit perfectly and he was not bothered!” – Thayana

10. A full stegosaurus costume, complete with spinal plates and tail spikes - $23.33

A dog wearing a stegosaurus costume Source: Amazon

A foam headpiece and jumpsuit with attached spinal plates and tail spikes to temporarily transform your prehistoric pet.

Get it on Amazon for $23.33

promising review: “This costume is AWESOME!! So well made. I was super impressed with the stitching and construction. Being a sewer myself I notice these things. All the Velcro hook peices came covered with material so they wouldn’t snag the material. Great thought and detail.” – Courtney K

11. A hotdog costume for the long dog in your life - $19.99

A dog wearing a hot dog costume Source: Amazon

This one’s pretty much mandatory if you have a doxen, beagle, or basset hound. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Get it on Amazon for $19.99

promising review: “I absolutely love this costume, it’s great quality and it makes my weener pup look adorable! Perfect for his first real Halloween. I highly recommend! My pup is about 10-12 pounds and we got his a small and it fits like a glove!” – Caitlyn Liszewski

That’s it! That’s the list. Go forth and be spooky. But make sure to let your dog in on the fun.