Apple Added 398 New Emoji in iOS 13.2. Here’s What’s New.

New emoji from iOS 13.2 release source: Apple designs / Emojipedia

iOS 13.2 comes with a whole host of new emoji (398 to be exact). As is the case with Apple’s currently-existing emoji library, the newly introduced emoji span a wide range of topics. There are a few prominent themes, however. There are several new icons related to accessibility, there are gender-neutral options to accompany all existing male/female emoji, new food and beverage icons, animals, and then a whole host of miscellaneous ones.

Here are some of the best new emoji from each category.

1. Accessibility

Apple first began proposing accessibility-related emoji a little over a year ago. Many of these proposals can be seen in this latest release.

Among the new emoji is a blind person, prosthetic limbs, a guide dog, a person in a wheel chair, and a hearing aid. This is part of a broader trend of the group of unicode emoji slowly expanding to represent a broader group of people (other examples include LGBT couples and a broader range of available skin tones for faces and hands.)

Accessibility emoji Source: Emojipedia

2. Gender Neutral Emoji

Gender neutral characters are probably the biggest change in terms of total emoji added. This update adds 457 gender neutral options. Note that this number is larger than the 398 new-emojis number, since these are technically options being added to existing emoji rather than completely new characters.

These new emojis’ defining features are different clothing color (grey in most cases, in contrast to blue and pink colors for the male and female versions) and a hair style whose length is between that of the existing male and female versions.

Gender neutral emoji Source: Emojipedia

3. Food and Beverage

Adding food and beverage options is pretty much expected in an emoji release at this point. This update includes waffles, butter, an onion, an ice cube, and others.

Food and beverage emoji Source: Emojipedia

Lil Nas X was particularly excited about the ice cube.

4. Animals

New animals are also a staple of emoji releases. This update brings with it a sloth, skunk, flamingo, guide dogs, and a skunk.

Animal emoji Source: Emojipedia

5. Misc.

Finally, there’s a bunch of random new additions that don’t really fit a theme. These include a drop of blood, a razor, a sari, and Saturn.

Perhaps getting the most attention, though, is the pinching fingers emoji, which might put an end to unsolicited dick pics once and for all.

Other misc. new emojis Source: Emojipedia

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