The Top 5 Best Cold Brew Makers on Amazon in 2019

Cold brew is delicious and easy to make at home. These are the best home cold brew makers of 2019 for every living situation and price point.

1. Best for small kitchens: the Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker - $18.99

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Source: Amazon

I own this one personally and love it. Its main perk is its size and shape: its 1-quart size is the perfect size for a week worth of cold brew for one person, and it fits easily in the door of your fridge. The reusable filter means all you need to keep in stock is the coffee grounds. For less than $19, this cold brew maker is a steal.

Get it on Amazon for $18.99

promising review: “This coffee maker is my BEST FRIEND! I use this everyday, it’s so easy to use! My coffee comes out perfect every time. I’m a cold coffee drinker and I put about 8-10 scoops of freshly ground coffee into the filter. I let it sit overnight and the next morning, I remove the filter and dump the grounds. It makes 4 days worth of coffee and I love that it’s ready to go for me.” – Panda

2. Best for countertops and large batches: the OXO BREW Cold Brew Coffee Maker - $49.95

OXO BREW Cold Brew Coffee Maker Source: Amazon

I used this one in college because it was large enough to supply coffee for all my roommates and it came highly reviewed from a friend. It’s a little expensive, but definitely lived up to the hype. This is a great cold brew maker if you want to get the most out of your batches and have the space for a mid-sized device that will live on your kitchen counter. It comes with a reusble mesh filter, but many choose to use their own paper filters instead.

Get it on Amazon for $49.95

promising review: “I have found I like cold brew better than hot brew. And have found it has lower acid level and my body likes that a lot! I like the S/S mesh filter; very easy to clean. There are also paper filters that do eliminate the very very small amount of fine ground coffee that settles in the carafe bottom. Like all other OXO Good Grips items we have it seems well made.” – D. Miller

3. Best on a budget: the Primula PBPBK-5101 Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker - $15.99

Primula PBPBK-5101 Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Source: Amazon

This is the cheapest cold brew maker with top-tier reviews on Amazon right now, and Wired calls this their best overall coffee maker. It’s short, durable, and high quality for its price point. The main drawback might be its awkward size, being a little too round to fit inside the door of a typical fridge.

Get it on Amazon for $15.99

promising review: “This is my fourth Cold Brew “Contraption” ive purchased in the last 2 years. This is by far the best. Its very easy to use (just pour coffee grounds in the center filter, add water and wait 12 to 24 hours). Clean up is a breeze. Just pop the main filter out when done brewing and toss grounds in trash and rinse with water.” – Peter E. Deatherage

4. Easiest and most customizeable: the Cuisinart DCB-10 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker - $69.95

Cuisinart DCB-10 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker Source: Amazon

The Cuisinart DCB-10 comes in at a higher price point, but you get quite a bit of fancy coffee technology for what you pay if that’s your thing. It has a custom strength selector, letting you choose to brew from mild, medium, to bold. The device then handles the brew timing for you! As if that wasn’t futuristic enough, this coffee maker will gently spin and pause throughout the brewing cycle to ensure a balanced batch of cold brew. If you’re a coffee person, this is the future.

Get it on Amazon for $69.95

promising review: “I’ve been making cold brew coffee on my countertop for hours, straining two to four times, then chilling, a very time consuming and unpredictable outcome process. So I bought this automatic cold brew machine, and I love it. First, when reading over the instructions it seemed a bit complicated, but taking it step by step, it turned out to be so easy. It really didn’t take long, maybe 30 minutes. But the best part is it is delicious, easy to clean up and store until I’m ready to make more. I recommend if you enjoy cold brew.” – devoted reader

5. The classic: the Toddy Cold Brew System - $34.95

Toddy Cold Brew System

Source: Amazon

Old reliable. Designed by a chemical engineer at Cornell in the 1960s, this cold brew system was making cold brewed coffee before it was cool. It’s simple and top notch in terms of quality, coming with a glass decanter, lid, 2 reusable filters, and a rubber stopper. Makes low-effort, coffeehouse-quality cold brew in large batches.

Get it on Amazon for $34.95

promising review: “I’ve been drinking coffee made in a Toddy since I was old enough for caffeine–there is no better way to make coffee. Add boiling water for hot coffee in the mornings, add milk and ice for iced coffee in the afternoons. I’ve tried lots of other ways of making coffee but nothing holds up: drip is too watery, those moka italian stovetop makers are too easy to burn, and don’t even bring Keurig into this conversation. French press is the only method that compares, and even that is just an impatient man’s Toddy and the coffee is never as rich or complex. Simply put, Toddy can’t be beat.” – Jonny