14 Best Halloween Costumes For Your Cat This Year

Halloween isn’t just for humans. Here are 14 costumes you and your cat can both enjoy, all for under $17! Please note that I may collect a small commission from some of these items if you decide to purchase something using these links.

1. This spooky set of bat wings is sure to scare away the trick-or-treaters - $9.98

This costume will also fit a small dog. Unfortunately, as Amazon reviewer K. Walsh points out, the product might be mislabeled. Bats don’t have 4 legs and a tail. Dragons do. Still 10 / 10 spooky IMO

A cat wearing a bat costume Source: Amazon

2. This swashbuckling pirate costume will remind you who’s captain of the house - $10.99.

A cat wearing a pirate costume

Source: Amazon

3. For a more law abiding getup, take a walk on the right side of the law with this sheriff’s costume. Giving your cat little human legs and a cowboy hat will be well worth the $14.99.

A cat wearing a sheriff costume Source: Amazon

4. Simple but effective. Let your small-cat live out its big-cat dreams with this lion’s mane! - $7.45.

A cat wearing a lion costume Source: Amazon

5. This pumpkin costume is sure to get everyone in the halloween spirit. Who doesn’t love a cat-o-lantern? - $13.99.

A cat wearing a pumpkin costume Source: Amazon

6. This doctor’s costume - $11.99.

A cat wearing a doctor costume Source: Amazon

7. Going to a party as a sailor this year? There’s no excuse not to match with your cat - $9.50.

A cat wearing a sailor costume Source: Amazon

8. I can’t decide if this is an octopus costume or an octopus-eating-your-cat costume, but it’s cute either way - $13.99.

A cat wearing an octopus costume Source: Amazon

9. This pizza slice is the perfect costume for the chonk in your life - $16.67.

A cat wearing a pizza slice costume Source: Amazon

10. Turn any game of cat and mouse into cops and robbers with this feline police uniform - $10.99.

A cat wearing a police officer costume Source: Amazon

11. Eager for winter weather? Turn your pet into an autumn snowman - $16.33.

A cat wearing a snowman costume

Source: Amazon

12. A cape and devil’s horns. Scary!

A cat wearing a devil costume Source: Amazon

13. Let your feline friend call the shots for a day with this Donald Trump cat costume - $19.95.

A cat wearing a Donald Trump toupee Source: Amazon

14. The Christmas season officially starts once Halloween ends. Usher in the season with this Santa hat and beard! - $12.95.

A cat wearing a Santa costume
Source: Amazon

SAs you can see, there are plenty of options and no excuses not to give your cat the ultimate 2019 halloween costume for under $15.00. They might hate you for it, but that’s half the fun.