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A blazingly quick update for the three of you who’ve been steadfastly following this blog since its inception: Get off my back! It’s a process, for goodness sake! Writing, I mean; it’s a freakin’ slow and painful process. Think amateur dentistry. (Not to burden you with the degree of guilt you’re now feeling as you read each and every word that I’ve pressed out of the fat between my ears.)

So, in a goose-shell, here’s my process: First you make the coffee. Okay, did it. Then you drink the coffee. Did it. Then you sit at the computer and type. Doing it. Click-clack, click-clack. Lastly, you put on your pants. Optional.

The first major story to hit this blog is still in the cooker. But it’s going to be fantastic—as entertaining as it is hugely weird. (Dats my thang, baby.) Am hopeful it will be finished before the second week of January. The holiday season is a jumble of interruptions. My normally slow progress becomes—well, remember when the Earth had glaciers?